Ferry from Rotterdam to Hull

P&O Ferries operate 7 crossings per week from Rotterdam to Hull and the average crossing time is 12 hours.

Hull is a thriving East Yorkshire town.  The main port is King George the Dock on the Humber Estuary. The port is owned and managed by the world’s largest port operator group, APB and is capable of handling over 1 million passengers per year.

Once you arrive at the port, you’ll see the Humber Bridge, the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the world.  The nearby shopping centre, the Princes Quay, has a unique location as it is built over the former Princes Dock. Here you’ll be able to see panoramic views of the marina and docklands while enjoying quality retail therapy or a relaxing time at the cinema.

Hull is the great location for exploring the rest of the UK, whether it’s heading north to Scotland or further south to explore the rest of England.

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