Ferry from Portsmouth to Le Harve

LD Lines ferries cross this route 13 times per week.  The crossing takes between 5h 30min and 8h 30min depending on the time of departure: the night crossing takes longer. 

Le Harve is in the Pays de Caux region of France.  The ferry terminal (Termila de Grande Bretagne) is close to the train and bus stations in the Bassin de la Citadelle.  To get to the town centre, catch a bus marked ‘Centre Ville’.  Paris is 200km to the southeast on the A131; it can be reached by train in 2 hours.  If you are staying in Le Harve, the ‘Appart’city Cap Affaires’ and ‘Residence La Fregate’ hotels are cheap and centrally located.   There is lots of culture to be experienced in Le Harve: after extensive damage during WWII the city was rebuilt according to the designs of one architect, giving it a unique look.  There are several museums: the Musée des Beaux-Arts Andre Malraux has the second largest collection of Impressionist paintings in France.   A landmark building is the Church of St Joseph which has the highest bell tower in France.  The nightlife in Le Harve is diverse: try the Music Bar on 28 Rue Francois Arago which caters for a wide range of music tastes including rock, reggae and techno, or Discothèque Forty One for clubbing.

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