Norfolkline Ferries

norfolklineferriesNorfolkline whose head office is in The Hauge in The Netherlands was the winner of the Best Ferry Company 2008 in the Guardian, Observer and travel awards.

These rewards are recognized as being a good reflection on public opinion as the awards are based on over 17,000 questionnaires completed buy guardian readers.  The awards are in their 22nd year and a proud Don Clarke was at the awards to receive this accolade on behalf of Norfolkline.  As Norfolkline strive to achieve their vision of “Being a leading, first class, multimodal short sea carrier”, this award will be proudly displayed for customers, employees and shareholders alike to enjoy.

Norfolkines routes are ideal for those looking to travel to Europe, to have a skiing holiday, a mini break sampling Champagne or traveling further a field.  For more information check out prices for these routes on our Ferry Booking Engine

Dover to Dunkirk
Liverpool to Belfast
Liverpool to Dublin
Rosyth to Zeebrugge (coming soon)

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