Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries is Ireland’s leading ferry company, operating ferry services from Ireland to the UK and France. Illustrating their desire to offer their customers the very best value in ticket prices is their recently adopted the catchphrase ‘The Low Fares Ferry Company’.

Also portraying their desire to offer the best in quality and comfort is their recent investment in new fleet and port facilities, totaling over €500 million. They now boast the most modern fleet in Europe, including the Dublin Swift fast ferry, the world’s largest car ferry - the Ulysses - and the ‘Oscar Wilde’, Irish Ferries’ new luxurious cruise ferry.

On board all Irish Ferries’ vessels you will find a great choice of quality cafes, restaurants, bars and entertainment lounges. The cruise ferry Ulysses also baosts the Volta Picture Theatre, with two screens both showing current release titles.

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